The Elegance of Black and White Bedding Sets

Nothing is more basic than black and white. From the black and white ball that was hosted for many years by Truman Capote to dramatic black and white photography to black and white home d├ęcor, the understated elegance makes a perfect statement of taste and glamor without ever going over the top. It’s no wonder that designers have been using these colors to create fashion for decades now and that no outfit is more perfect for a woman than the little black dress with white accessories. The sad thing is that when most people think of decorating their homes, they often neglect the basic black and white color schemes in favor of bright colors or cool pastels. If you stop and take a look at the many black and white bedding sets that are now available, however, you may change your mind.

One of the best things about going with black and white is that you can always add splashes of color to it to accentuate the design. Red is often popular as an accent color, but you can pretty much add any color you want to this basic color scheme in order to change the look of your room without having to spend a lot of money. In addition, no matter what color your walls are, you can add black and white bedding to create an entirely new look without the need for repainting. This is often a great option when you can’t find bedding that matches the colors in your room. Shopping around will help you locate the perfect black and white combination to set off any color bedroom.

It’s rather amazing how diverse the selections of bedding in a black and white color scheme are. Black and white toile is always a popular choice; however, you can find such comforters as a completely black model accented by one huge white flower, or even a set that features the Twilight characters on the pillow cases. Or you may like butterflies, stripes, leaves, zebra stripes, or solid black microsuede. There are dozens of different bedding designs done in only black and white. You can also find bed-in-a-bag sets that include everything you need to create a bi-color bed, and these sets will save you money over buying the pieces individually.

Even if you have the proverbial champagne taste on a beer budget, you’ll be able to outfit your bedroom with elegant black and white bedding.

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